Austin Wedding Venues: 5 Reasons Why Mercury Hall is the Best Choice


There are many wedding venues Austin brides have to choose from when it comes to planning their big day. There are venues that offer an elegant affair in the city where they require their food to be served, laid-back venues that allow brides to bring in whatever they want and decorate as much as possible to make the venue look how they want it, and venues out in the country for brides that want outdoor weddings away from the city.

But what about the brides who want a little bit of each? Why should any bride have to settle for a wedding that’s not quite their perfect wedding, because of the lack of options and flexibility?

At Mercury Hall, we don’t think they should, which is what makes us stand apart from other Austin wedding venues.

The Best Austin Wedding Venues are all About Location

Mercury Hall is located just 2 miles south of downtown Austin, but you would never know the city is that close once you enter the grounds. It is on 4 acres of beautiful land that is surrounded by trees, cutting it off from the surrounding area and preserving its hill country feel.  

A country oasis that is close enough that you will not have to worry about making your guest’s travel arrangements and can easily be accessed by Uber or Lyft for those that need rides home or downtown after your event.

Ease of access and country beauty, not a combination you will find at any other wedding venues Austin has to offer.

Charming Simplicity

Mercury Hall is a historical venue that was built 115 years ago during a much simpler time. A time when things were still created by hand and not machines, a time when buildings were built as simply as possible but with hand-crafted character.

Over the years, buildings that were built at the same time as Mercury Hall fell into disrepair and were destroyed, but Mercury Hall was protected and restored by many generations of loving hands. Of course, modern conveniences have been added along the way to it to keep it up-to-date and easy to use. Even with each modern convenience though, it has kept its charming character that doesn’t need a lot of decorating to be one of the most beautiful wedding venues Austin brides rave about.

Unique Indoor and Outdoor Venue

With most Austin wedding venues you have to choose if you want an indoor venue or an outdoor venue. At Mercury Hall we don’t make you choose, we open the doors and tell you to have your wedding or reception anywhere you would like. Best of all, for those that prefer to enjoy their wedding day outside with friends and family, with Mercury Hall you already have a built-in backup plan if the weather turns bad. Your event can be easily moved indoors for no extra charge and without having to change venue location on your guests.

One of the Most Flexible Wedding Venues Austin Brides Look For

Austin brides are free to create their own unique event by choosing their own vendors to cater their event with us. Some clients pull off a wedding under 10K and have Pterry’s food truck and a casual wedding, while others may spend upwards of $100k and bring in top-rated vendors – it’s a venue for everyone and every budget.  

Best Kept Secret of Austin Wedding Venues

We were recently awarded “Best Wedding Venue” by the Austin Chronicle’s reader’s poll by those that have had their wedding with us or have attended weddings here. Even with being voted best wedding venue, we are still one of Austin’s best-kept secrets when it comes to weddings. So come visit us soon and see what other Austin brides are raving about.

Courtney Landers