Built in 1904 by the inhabitants of the frontier town of Mercury for use as a church, the chapel survived two major fires that reduced Mercury from an eager young town to the quiet country settlement (pop. 166) it remains today. Sunday services, weddings and prayer meetings were held in the building for more than eighty years until the decision was made in 1996 to construct a modern building for the congregation.

The building was purchased in the fall of 1997 and work began by selecting the proper site for the building, re-christened Mercury Hall in honor of its humble beginnings. A hilltop in south Austin‘s old Galindo neighborhood was secured next, and approval from the city of Austin came the next summer. By August the big move was underway!

Wise brides, close friends and eager families enjoyed the spring season as Mercury Hall hosted its first events in its new incarnation as a private venue.

The landscape around Mercury Hall is designed to reflect the Hill Country feel of the quaint but classic structure, emphasizing native Texas wildflowers and colorful indigenous species, most notably the many magnificent live oak and post oak tress shading the four acres of grounds. Ample parking was provided without removal of any trees, a point of pride for the Hall’s restoration team. Old friends from Mercury occasionally drop by to marvel – the building never looked better!