2016 Pantone Color

If you’re engaged right now, chances are you’re not alone in trying to plan your dream wedding. Whether, the date is just around the corner in April or May or if you have a few months until your Fall wedding, you are all busy figuring out details and making sure the day is just how you want it and we want to help inspire you with colors!

This year the 2016 Pantone color is a mix of a romantic and warm Rose Quartz and a calm and reflective Serenity Blue.


These two colors put together create a modern and relaxing feel for any event and they can easily be paired with colors that match the season you’re getting married in.

For Spring and Summer you can add peach, gold, and gray to brighten it up.


For Fall and Winter you can add burgundy, forest green, and charcoal.


Or you can just keep it simple for all times of the year by simply adding white.


Have fun planning!!


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