Spring Weddings

It feels like spring has sprung here in Austin, all these 75 degree days are just too beautiful to handle.

I’m ready for sunny skies every day, the smell of freshly blooming flowers when I walk outside, and the warm (but not too warm!) weather.  Not to mention, I’m ready for all the fun weddings!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons for weddings.  You don’t have to search for inspiration -- the fresh flowers are springing up all over the place and I love it when brides take advantage of that!  Bright pinks and salmons and yellows flood the wedding scene in spring, making for statement weddings that you can’t get out of your mind.

If you’re getting married in spring, take a look around atthe beautiful flowers that are all around and the grass and leaves that are turning from brown to vivid shades of green.  Don’t be nervous to take advantage of the colors surrounding you; it’s a once in a lifetime day! Plus, the bright white walls in Mercury Hall and the colorful stained glass on the windows create a background that welcomes a beautiful spring wedding.

About a year ago, Kelly and Adham got married at Mercury Hall and they truly embraced the colors of spring.  The bridesmaids dresses were a rich green and the different shades of pinks in the flowers stood out throughout all aspects of the wedding.  Their wedding felt cheerful with the florals and unique plates in the table settings, but sophisticated with the lounge areas and attention to details.

Here are some photos of their wedding by Caroline + Ben Photography, I hope you are motivated to use up all the color that spring offers!




Enjoy the day!

Courtney Landers