Perks of a Weekday Wedding

While a weekend wedding might be more convenient, there are lots of reasons why weekday weddings are becoming more popular. You might never have envisioned your wedding on a, say... Thursday, but you might want to reconsider. We've lined out some of the biggest deciding factors on having your wedding day on a weekday.

Kristi Wright Photography

Kristi Wright Photography

// Budget //

This is the most referenced and most obvious. Venues, vendors and delivery fees are all typically way cheaper on a weekday. You may have a small budget or maybe you just don't want to break the bank over your wedding day -- and we totally get that -- so planning to have your wedding on an off-season weekend or weekday will ensure you'll keep some money in the bank. 

// Availability //

Do you have your heart set on a certain month? Or certain anniversary date? It seems like everyone is always vying for the same date as you. Of course weekends are the dates that fill up the most quickly -- especially those months with favorable weather. By doing a weekday gig, you not only open up your options for venues but other vendors as well. Without as much business during the weeks, some of the wedding vendors you may be concerned about being able to secure will have more availability as well. You could have your dream wedding and dream vendors -- it just might be on a Tuesday!

// Guest Count //

While it *CAN* be hard to get all your guests to swing a weekday wedding, it's not impossible. Plus, the people that you really want to be there and that are the most invested in your relationship will make an effort to be there no matter what day you host your wedding. This also goes back to saving money: since less people may be able to take off work, you get an intimate, special, more inexpensive wedding!

// Your guests get an extra long weekend // 

For those out-of-town guests who have to travel anyways, you may just end up extending their weekend into a holiday. Especially if your wedding is on a Thursday or Monday, there will be less rush around your wedding day and your guests will be able to relax and enjoy the city in which you're having your wedding. Sounds like a win for everyone!

5. At the end of the day, you're still married! //

Your wedding is a big day -- huge, even -- but at the end of the day, what's important is that you solidify your commitment to one another and get to celebrate with your closest family + friends! It's easy to get lost in the details of planning a wedding -- in the money being spent and what you'll wear and who will be there -- but what really matters will happen whether or not you get married on a Saturday on the best month of the year.

Two Pair Photography

Two Pair Photography

We think what makes weddings beautiful is the people in them and the unique stories being told through them. Like we said, the day of the week doesn't matter for that to happen and we want everyone to experience their perfect day... whether a Monday brunch wedding or Saturday night party!

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